Zoom-Zoom City founded in center of NYC

If you're a fan of Mazda and want a little more depth than provided by the automaker's show booth at the New York Auto Show this weekend, consider checking out Zoom-Zoom City, a tented structure just across the street from the show.

Inspired by urbania, Zoom-Zoom City is broken into three large areas: Speed Zone, Style Zone, and Fun Zone. Visitors can learn about the automaker's rich racing history (Speed); check out more of the CX-7 (Style); and see what the clothing company Quicksilver did to a Mazda5 micro minivan (Fun). And visitors can be photographed sitting in a MX-5 while a green screen shows them in motion souvenir. Admission into Zoom-Zoom City itself is free.

[Source: Mazda North American Operations via PR Newswire]

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