Since you’re paying a premium for that hybrid in the garage it’s important to get back every penny of that purchase you’re entitled to. If you purchased either a Ford Escape or Mercury Mariner Hybrid this year (or any other automaker’s hybrid), next year you’ll be able to claim some type of tax incentive that ranges anywhere from $1,950 to $5,925 depending on where you live. Ford dealers now have a direct line to a hybrid hotline set up by the company that will aid Blue Oval customers in determining how much in incentives their entitled to from federal, state and local governments. 

Where’s the most lucrative state in which to own a hybrid? West Virginia, which combines the $1,950 - $2,600 federal tax credit with West Virginia’s Alternative Fuel Motor Tax Credit for a grand total of between $5,310 and $5,925 in tax relief.

[Source: Ford]

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