OnStar worth the price?

Consumer Reports (CR) took a sampling of 204 OnStar subscribers to see how they used General Motors' telematics service, and then examined whether it is worth the monthly fee. CR discovered that only 63 percent of subscribers had ever pressed  GM's vaunted blue button. Of those who did, 44 percent used OnStar's hands-free phone system, while 22 percent triggerd OnStar because they locked their keys in their vehicles or needed assistance for issues like flat tires.
OnStar costs between $17 to $70 a month. Adding navigation (called "turn-by-turn") to the basic service costs over $34 a month. CR, though, discovered that over 50 percent who used the service during the free trial period planned to subscribe to it, while over 70 percent who paid said that they plan to continue their subscriptions.

A breakdown of the sampling and more details can be found at the link.

[Source: Consumer Reports]

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