"Make Your Own Tahoe Commercial" debacle makes it onto Nightline

We’ve already reported on the fact that General Motors' “Make Your Own Tahoe Commercial” experiment has turned the General’s lumbering SUV into a slow-moving target for every environmentalist with a keyboard and high-speed internet connection. The news ran around the internet like wildfire with some of the best homebrew commercials finding their way onto YouTube, as well as the rather long list of comments associated with our own post.
Autoblog devotee Mike G. tipped us off to a clip on YouTube showing a segment of ABC's Nightline in which the “hard hitting” late night news show has lifted the story straight from the blogosphere and put it into the homes of tens of hundreds of captive viewers. Where’s the link love, Nightline?

The only additional piece of news Nightline offers is that GM says it “welcomes the two-way interaction.” Of course, it probably likes the free airtime it got on national television even more.

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