Esoteric Merkurs are a dime-a-dozen on eBay, with XR4Ti and Scorpios popping up in varying states of tune on the online auction site with some regularity. But the car seen above appears to be something altogether different - a 1989 Ford Sierra Cosworth.

Utilizing the same chassis and sheetmetal but masking an altogether more entertaining car, this rare Richardson, Texas-resident Cossie is said to have been owner-imported from London. Rare birds globally, there are probably at best a dozen or so examples plying U.S. roads (legally or otherwise).

The seller claims that his four-wheeled forbidden fruit is a legitimate Stage-1 270 horsepower buildup, titled as a 1989 Merkur XR4Ti so as not to arouse suspicion from legal types. As this is written, this Sierra is set to trade at $4,800 - a small bargain considering its scarcity-- even in light of a laundry list of condition problems: oil leak, possible bad synchro, dented door and cracked bumper, bad paint and noisy lifters.

See the auction here for more info, and check out the seller's site for more photos and background on its importation and modification.

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