One of the new commercials in Chrsyler's marketing blitz for the Caliber includes a scene in which a diminutive fairy casts her wand about cute-ifying objects in a city. At one point she waves her wand at a tough guy walking his dog and he becomes a "cute" guy complete with white shorts, a yellow polo on four tiny pups on pink leashes.

Sounds tame enough, but the leader of a prominent gay rights group in Detroit remarked in a newspaper "this guy looks pretty gay to me." Jason Vines, Chrysler's head of communications, hasn't taken kindly to the remark stating: "If I had said that, there would be demonstrations outside our headquarters and then... I'd be fired." Vines goes on to say that the remark made by the gay rights leader seems to only reinforce a stereotype of homosexuals that implies guys who look tough, wear work boots and jeans and walk large dogs can't be gay.

*Sigh.* Can't we all just get along?

[Source: Chrysler]

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