Ford Motor Company’s Chairman and CEO Bill Ford is ruling out bankruptcy for the Blue Oval. The Henry Ford scion believes that the company’s ‘strong liquidity’ ($31 billion in the coffers), downsizing efforts and profitable overseas operations will buoy the No. 2 automaker’s fortunes.

Ford has turned in three straight years of profits globally (including $2 billion in 2005), but that’s a 42-percent decline over 2004, and the Blue Oval lost $1.6B in North America, with market share down to 18-percent (it was 26-percent just ten years ago).

Ford did acknowledge that American auto industry is facing unprecedented challenges: “We’ve never had these kinds of wind buffeting us.”

The company’s NYSE shares fell 11 cents on Wednesday to close at $7.57.

[Sources: Associated Press via Newsday;]


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