National road rallies are nothing new for North American enthusiasts. Brock Yates' Cannonball Run offshoot, the One Lap Of America has been plugging away in earnest for decades now. But for those without big budgets, trans-continental automotive hooliganism has remained somewhat less accessible.

Enter the BABE, or BigApple2BigEasy. Basically, it's a 'run whatcha brung' event from NYC to New Orleans on public roads. The catch? Competitors can only spend the princely sum of $250 on a vehicle. In other words, expect a parade of bangers, heaps, jalopies, junkers, and the stray basketcase.

The four-day event will be interspersed with 'challenges' which will likely take the form of scavenger hunts and the like. The event is not a race (Gumballers need not apply), but it is scored, and there are awards. The top team takes home $1,500, with the second place team netting $350, and the third-place finishers putting a $150 dent in their gas receipts/future chiropractor bills.

Trophies to be awarded will include 'Team to Hitchhike the Farthest' and 'Most Creative Repair Job.' Participating hoopties must be forklifted registered by April 30th, and the BABE requires a $250 entry fee.

Sounds like fun to us.

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