GM continues partnership with Governors Ethanol Coalition

The Governors Ethanol Coalition (GEC) is a group of U.S. governors and representatives from other nations that promotes the use of ethanol. General Motors, which began a partnership with the GEC last year, said last week it would extend that partnership.

Ken W. Cole, GM’s vice president for law and public policy, stated, "We are delighted to continue our work with the GEC on this important campaign to promote the use of E85 in states across the country. This partnership is just one of our many efforts to minimize the impact of our cars and trucks on the environment, including the 1.5 million GM vehicles already capable of using E85 fuel. GM will continue to work with organizations like the GEC to promote the use of E85 and the many available benefits for the environment, the economy and consumers."

General Motors will continue to loan E85 flex-fuel vehicles to GEC members as both organizations work to educate the public about the vehicles, the technology and the fuel alternative. GM also plans to add more than 400,000 flex-fuel vehicles to the road by year’s end.

[Source: Auto Spectator]

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