This odd duck is a 1980 Freeway II Deluxe, a single-cylinder gas miser engineered by Minnesota-based High Mileage Vehicles Corp. (HMV). Designed to get 110 mpg, the company certainly paired things down to the bare minimum in an effort to achieve that figure-- the awkward-looking trike is a single-seater, with the bare minimum of gauges and no visible driver amenities, save a sunroof.

The eBay seller of this Kansas-based Freeway II informs prospective buyers that this is 1 of 700 street legal examples built between 1979-1982, and comes with about as much documentation as one could reasonably expect for a vehicle like this.

As of this writing, the litle red commuter is going for around $2,750, and there's not much time left on the auction. If you've an insatiable penchant for oddball microcars, you know what to do.

[Source: eBay]

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