BMW rumor mill: a smaller Roller? a bigger M-Series?

The skies over Germany were full of trial balloons this week, as BMW chairman Helmut Panke has been teasing the German press with possible new products. In an interview with auto motor und sport (rough English translation here), Panke alludes to several possible new BMW models:
  • an M7? An M-version of BMW's 7-Series would be positioned against Mercedes' S63 AMG. Panke says market demand for an M7 is particularly strong in the U.S.
  • a baby Phantom? With a fully-equipped long wheelbase 7-Series coming in at around $215,000, and the Phantom selling for about $460,000, Panke believes there could well be a potential market at a $300,000 price point. However, he doesn't think that this luxo-model should be a BMW, which suggests that a smaller Rolls might be in the cards.
  • a Z8 successor? BMW didn't set the world on fire with its upmarket sports car, but Panke still sees an unserved sports car market segment waiting to be tapped by the right BMW product.
[Source: auto motor und sport]

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