Crutchfield debuts "digital drive-thru" for iPod owners

If you've wandered the aisles of your local consumer electronics megastore lately, you've probably seen racks of products promising to connect your iPod or other digital music player to your car's audio system... everything from cables to FM transmitters. But what's going to work best in your ride? Mail order car audio house Crutchfield thinks it has a better way. The company announced Thursday that it is launching its "digital drive-thru" service, a program that matches up your car, your audio system (OEM or aftermarket), and your iPod model, to recommend the best solution for making them all play together.

It appears to be a pretty easy process, and Crutchfield's database of more than 10,000 cars and car stereo systems means that they're more than likely to have a workable solution for every situation. An installation graphic shows would-be buyers how to do it (a VW Golf example is shown above), and Crutchfield's products also comes with an iPod installation guide for you manual-readers out there. (You know who you are.)

Virginia-based Crutchfield got its started out in the consumer electronics business with car audio systems, and it remains the company's core business. The digital drive-thru joins Crutchfield's "Find What Fits My Car" website tool in the company's customer support arsenal.

[Source: Crutchfield]

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