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Low-tech the way to go with fleet vehicles?

There was a time when the worst distraction to a driver was either changing the radio station or adjusting the HVAC controls. Now drivers have a few more items to contend with: cell phones; GPS navigation systems, CD changers; satellite radio; iPods; night vision; etc.

Conor Kelly wants to do away with all these new hi-tech distractions. The managing director for Merrion Fleets, which manages corporate vehicles in the private sector in Ireland, is tasking his fleet managers with encouraging corporate clients to minimize their use of hi-tech devices while driving.

‚ÄúThere is a need for companies to put road safety policies in place to ensure safer Irish roads," Kelly states, pointing out there are few fleet companies that provide any formal policies. He is working  to introduce strict guidelines in Merrion Fleet.

[Source: Motoring Life; image by avbuzz]

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