According to two different studies, Canada is behind in the production of alternative fuel sources.

The Canadian Renewable Fuels Association states the country is lagging behind other international powers in the race to develop plant-based fuels. This is confirmed by F.O. Licht, an international commodities research firm, who point out that Brazil, the U.S., China, and the European Union are all ahead in producing such resources.

"This report should be a wake up call for Canada," Kory Teneycke, executive director of the CRFA said when presented with the report. "We lag behind the world in an emerging new industry where we have the feedstock and the infrastructure to be global leaders."

The Canadian government has been contributing to a firm, Iogen, which has produced ethanol from plants. However, the government has been slow to provide financial backing for the Ottawa-based company which has lead to speculation that Iogen will turn to the U.S. instead. Thirty ethanol plants are already under construction in the Commonwealth's southern neighbor.


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