Spiderman co-creator Stan Lee is unloading his "favorite" car via eBay: a gray 1987 Mercedes 420 SEL touring sedan, complete with MRVLCMX (Marvel Comics) license plate, chrome wheels, hands-free mobile phone, plush gray sheepskin seat covers and dashboard personally autographed by Stan himself. Stan apparently only drove the Benz a few thousand miles a year, and as a result, you can buy this baby with just 100,000 miles on the odo.

With bids up to just $5,200 at the time of posting, we're thinking Stan needs to auction off a little Spidey Sense along with the car to light a fire under these cheapskates-- we know people willing to pay more for a comic book.

As a bonus, you get to read the smart-ass questions asked by other eBayers, like this one:

Q. Does the old guy come with the car? I could really use a butler.

A. I hope you're just kidding. Stan Lee is 83 years young and his favorite and only passion is writing great superhero stories. Now if there was a superhero element to being a butler there could be a story angle there.  

[Via Luxist Wheels]

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