Jetmousine about to take off

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Autoblog has reported on jets being converted into road-going land darts. Last summer, we showed you a 727 limo that popped up on eBay. Dan Harris, however, is planning to do more than just a one-off with his new Jetmousine company. For a cool $1 mil, Harris will build you a 42-foot long fuselage on 28-inch chrome wheels motivated by a 400-hp Vortec V8. Niceties in the cabin include a plasma TV, at least four HD TVs, an 8,000-watt sound system and an all-leather interior.

The first copy has already been sold to a limo service company in Chicago called Exotic Coach, and two more sales are “in the bag.” We’re just hoping our check doesn’t bounce.

[via Luxist]

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