Autoblog in the News

Listen closely. That’s the sound of our own horn being tooted. And for what does Autoblog stand so proudly before you? The sweet nod we got in Baylor University’s online newspaper, The Lariot ONLINE, of course. Columnist Jonathan Ludwig cites our recent garage review of the 2006 Lincoln Zephyr in an article highlighting the ever-increasing possibility that major corporations may be covertly pushing their products via the comment sections of blogs. [Hat tip to Joel for finding the obscure collegiate level reference to Autoblog]

In related news, Frank Giovinazzi, a contributing editor for the American International Automobile Dealers Association, called us up last week and actually expressed interest in what we had to say. Turns out he recorded the conversation and published it on the AIADA website (UPDATE: the conversation has been moved to Giovinazzi's personal site). Check it out, I almost sound coherent and knowledgeable… almost.

If you find Autoblog somewhere else on the web, be sure to let us know where via the tips link.

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