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The latest word on Lexus' LF-A supercar... 'GT500'?

Lest one need further corroboration, word 'round Toyota's campfire is that Lexus' compelling LF-A supercar's gestation continues apace. Reportedly due by 2008, UK-based is reporting that the high-powered coupe is to be called the 'GT500,' though we're not sure how well that will sit with brand-protectionist types over at Ford.

The Ferrari-chaser will most likely be motivated by a 500 bhp 5.0L V10, with the possibility of a less-expensive V8 variant ('GT450').

According to sources, Lexus' long-rumored NSX-fighter will come in between  £75,000 -  £100,000 ($130,000-$173,000) depending on the powertrain.

The LF-A/GT500/90210 production model is slated to appear at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show (where the concept premiered last year).


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