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Saab hybrid to premiere at Stockholm Motor Show

We might have to wait until 2010 for a Saab hybrid we can drive off the lot, but Saab will be showing a concept hybrid vehicle at the Stockholm Motor Show at the beginning of April. If you're still wondering why we're devoting two posts to Saab's adoption of a technology that has been used in production vehicles for years, we're actually not -- the Saab's technology one-ups the likes of the Toyota Prius by leaps and bounds, at least where carbon dioxide emissions are concerned. Enter Saab's E85 Hybrid, which cuts emissions down to 15-20 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer compared to the Prius' 104. Of course, by 2010, Toyota may have figured out fuel cells.

[Source: Trollhatten Saab, picture sourced from Ny Teknik]

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