None other than Geraldo 'Take-Him-Or-Leave-Him' Rivera whipped out a Dubya-style haymaker on General Motors and Ford Wednesday, calling the automakers' present fiscal and public-relations gulag the result of 'whining' management and too many 'crap' cars. Not exactly the prose of florid journalist, or even as carefully measured as George Bush's call for domestics to build more 'relevant' products, Rivera unloads:

Among the lowest rated vehicles on the Consumer Reports list are the once mighty, now tired, Ford Taurus, the homely Pontiac Grand Prix, and the dreadful Chevy Equinox. And unless you live in Kabul or Baghdad, isn’t the Hummer the ugliest, dumbest vehicle on the road today?

Rivera gives DaimlerChrysler a 'pass,' a move one might expect given his admission that he owns a 300.

We're not exactly sure what qualifies Mr. Rivera to comment with authority on such issues, and as such, what weight (if any) our readers give to his latest rant is a purely individual thing. Feel free to leave a 'haymaker' or 'kudos' of your own in the comments.

[Sources: and Dave Clegg]

(Tip-top, Jennifer W!)

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