Some helpful tips for those in a car accident...

Oops. You just pulled a Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton (either one) or they hit you and got into an accident. Now what do you do? Service specialists from Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep provide the following tips on how best not to look stupid in front of the paparazzi:
  • Don’t leave the vehicle. Yes, you want to whack the idiot driving a BMW 7-Series who scratched your Maserati Quattroporte, but let the police (and lawyers) handle it.
  • Carry a disposable camera to take pictures of the damage (as well as any cute police officers).
  • Call a towing service. Preferably, have a number ready in your cell phone, PDA or poorly secured T-Mobile Sidekick.
  • Call your insurance company immediately. There is a reason why you’re paying them $2000 a quarter.
  • Get estimates on the damage from several repair facilities.
All kidding aside, the specialists provide more details of all the above steps at the link. What tips would you offer?

[Source: CarJunky]

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