Indy gets a theme song! (and it's not "Back Home in Indiana," either)

Well, given his background, you might have guessed that Gene Simmons (of KISS fame) would give his new Indy Racing League marketing job a musical twist sooner or later.
As part of Simmons' typographically-challenged "i am INDY" branding concept for the IRL, he's come up with a signature song (and music video). All we can say is, as anthems go, it's no "We are the Champions," (but then again, a few AB staffers wouldn't say KISS was in the same league as Queen, either).

Your musical mileage may vary, of course. Decide for yourself - the lyrics are here. Follow the links to the music and the music video. Let us know what you think!

[via C ar Buyer's Notebook]

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