VIDEO: Animation of Audi's trick Side Assist

The new Q7 SUV from Audi will feature a nifty safety device called Side Assist that uses radar to sense approaching vehicles in adjacent lanes and warm the driver of their impending passing. If the Q7’s turn signal is activated when another vehicle is in range, LEDs embedded in the rearview mirrors will visually alert the driver of the danger. The LEDs appear to vary their intensity as well as blink rate depending on how close the approaching vehicle is to passing.
Audi’s Side Assist technology recently won the “Innovation of the Future” award from Germany’s largest consumer mag, Guter Rat. Since the Q7 has been on sale in Europe since March 10th, nearly 25-percent of all units have been ordered with the 550 Euro safety feature.

Foursprung has posted a video of the Side Assist feature in action that originated on Fourtitude.

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