Alright, so certain Autoblog staffers (who shall remain nameless) have routinely trotted out the old 'Sorry, officer... I'm just testing this vehicle' chestnut to mixed effect (it works about 80-percent of the time). But admittedly, we've never been bagged rockin' a new Porsche Carrera GT to the tune of 193 mph.

The same can't be said for Italian telecom boss Riccardo Ruggiero, who was snagged on the near side of the double-century in Northern Italy. That sort of antisocial behavior would likely wind Ruggiero behind bars and Porsche-less Stateside, but the executive escaped with half of his drivers license points and a 357 Euro fine (about $433 USD). Ruggiero may lose his license for between 1-3 months, but we suspect the man can afford a hire-car while he awaits reinstatement.

[Source: Motortorque via]


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