Mustang mash-up - '65 Fastback and '03 Cobra

Just when we thought that combining Queen and 50 Cent was the pinnacle of mash-ups, along comes Robert Julian and his "SN65". The motivation behind this project is clear - the '65 Mustang fastback is drop-dead gorgeous, where as the '03 Mustang Cobra's 390 HP (highly underrated) provides a combination of robustness and power that simply didn't exist four decades ago. And while the previous-gen SN95 Mustang platform may seem a bit crude when compared to modern vehicles, it's light-years beyond the underpinnings of the original pony car.

OK, so the concept is simple, but how to best execute such a combination? Many other builders would have resigned themselves to a custom tube frame with the appropriate mounting pickups for the Cobra's four-wheel independent suspension, but Bob took the rather unique approach of slicing and dicing the '03's structure and splicing it into the shell of the '65. It's the sort of project that defies explanation in a few words (or even a few thousand, for that matter), so we recommend cruising on over to Bob's SN65 site and let his build pictures tell the story.

[Hat tip: Ozmotear]

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