Live from Malaysia! It's... the Renault F1 Team weblog!

Not to be outdone by Ferrari, the Renault F1 team has launched its own weblog. Actually, the Renault blog went live back in January, but it's really hitting its stride now that the racing season is underway.

The RF1 blog is more lively than the Ferrari version (so far), and the team staff are happy to answer questions posted in the comments section, even during the race weekend. At the Bahrain GP, the team posted every day, from practice through a post-race Q&A session. For Malaysia, the team has started posting "behind the scenes" photos (right) as well.

More team updates with photos are posted before, during and after race weekends on the revamped Renault F1 Team website, including podcasts. The blog is still a work in progress, but it has much more of a "day in the life" flavor.

It doesn't take a crystal ball to predict that blogging will spread throughout the F1 paddock this year - with other race series not far behind, I'm sure. From a fan's perspective, a little more transparency in the secretive world of Formula 1 is a welcome change.

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