Georgia's peach of an offer to secure Kia plant draws criticism

Korean automaker made headlines this week by announcing it had selected Georgia as the home state for its first-ever North American plant. The new facility will mean up to 2,500 jobs for the area.

But as with virtually every big contract landed like this, there’s a story behind the fight to be the winning locale. ABC News tracked down the story behind the political dance between the automaker and local and state officials.

In the end, local and state government handed Kia about $400 million in incentives— around $160,000 for each job that the plant is expected to bring to Georgia.

As job creation is likely to be among the key issues in this year’s gubernatorial election, sitting Governor Sonny Perdue is drawing accusations of politically-motivated corporate welfare.

Click through to read more about the Kia situation, as well as further details on the contentious debate surrounding business incentives.

[Source: ABC News]

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