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Bugatti cranks up Veyron production

It turns out there are more wealthy car nuts than we thought - there's so much demand for the Bugatti Veyron that the current wait for delivery of the 'bahn-burner is 14-15 months, and Bugatti is increasing its annual production capacity for the supercar by 40 percent, from 50 to 70 units, to deal with the backlog. Still not a large number, but when you figure that the car sells for nearly $1.2 million, the extra 20 Veyrons add up to a significant chunk of change.
Where are they going? To the speed-starved U.S. market, apparently. The majority of the 14 cars completed so far are going to the U.S., and Bugatti sees the greatest demand for the rest of the production run also in the U.S., particularly in southern California and the greater New York area.

With the limited edition Veyron selling out faster than expected, look for a new Bugatti model to be announced soon.

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