Volvo ordered to pay Ukranian more than $48M for accident injuries

Swedish automaker Volvo has been ordered to pay more than 378 million kronor (more than $48 million USD) to a Ukranian man injured in a 1998 rollover accident. How the man flipped his C70 coupe isn't altogether clear, but the court apparently found merit in his complaint that the airbags failed to deploy in the proper manner, causing him extensive injuries.

However, according to Volvo representatives, the vehicle's airbags were not designed to deploy in this type of crash. Unfortunately for the automaker, it was unable to contest this point in the courtroom, as it was apparently not allowed to put any foreign experts on the stand, while the plaintiff was able to make use of any experts he wished.

Volvo has nearly three weeks to lodge an appeal to the judgment, but the Ukranian man may beat them to it-- he reportedly plans on filing after being disappointed with the amount of the damages award.

[Source: The Local]

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