Depending on your personality a 60-mile blitz at top speed on the highway might be a fun way to spend an afternoon, but for Kevin Nicolle, a 25-year-old UK gentleman, his experience at terminal velocity in a malfunctioning BMW 318 was anything but fun.

The accelerator pedal on Nicolle’s BMW became stuck to the floor while traveling on the A1 and because the engine kept bouncing off the rev-limiter he was unable to shift the car into neutral. The Bimmer’s brakes kept the car traveling at a reasonable rate of speed for a bit until they gave out under the stress and away Mr. Nicolle went.

Four police cars tried to keep up with the runaway 318 but couldn’t as a hysterical Nicolle tried to keep it together while swerving in and out of traffic. Unable to stop the vehicle he eventually rolled it trying to navigate a roundabout located nearly 60 miles after the ordeal began.

Nicole fortunately emerged from the wreck unharmed but severely shaken. Local police have decided not to charge the man (Gee, thanks) and BMW has requested to examine what’s left of the car.

[Thanks everyone for the tip]

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