Bombardier Embrio delivers new transportation possibilities

Not since the Segway Human Transporter debuted amidst a fog of hype has a transportation solution come along that makes us rethink how we may get around in the future. The Bombardier Embrio makes the Segway look old school by relying on only one wheel while in motion, though a second smaller wheel does deploy at speeds below 12 mph. The Embrio uses gryoscope technology similar to the Segway’s to keep its rider balanced, but adds a futuristic hydrogen fuel-cell motor and an active suspension with variable damping. Looking for all intents and purposes like an emasculated motorcycle, the Embio weighs a mere 360 pounds.

Bombardier’s concept may offer a sneak peak at our future, but it won’t have truly arrived until it has its own Polo league like the Segway.

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