SF Chronicle looks in on the organization standing up for SUVs

It's no secret that SUVs (and their owners) have been vilified at a rising rate roughly commensurate with the escalation of gas prices. No strangers to this debate, most Autoblog staffers believe that they occupy a valuable niche for owners who use them regularly in a manner consistent with their construction (read: hauling all and sundry over hill and dale), and champion the arrival of improved and new models regularly.

That said, we're also firmly of the mindset that a goodly number of consumers fell under the spell of the SUV's charms without issuing themselves a reality check vis-a-vis their daily needs. As such, we welcome the market correction that has seen owners moving to vehicles that more accurately meet their needs-- be they spatial, dynamic or social.

As a result of all this, the SUV segment has been under tremendous social and political pressure as of late, but a champion of the genre has arisen in the form of the web-based SUV Owners of America organization. The San Francisco Chronicle's Vicki Haddock takes a look at the group and its goals, and it's a worthwhile read regardless of which camp you pitch your tent in.

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