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Giving the appropriate sex to a car (and why it's still dumb)

According to Kevin Wilson of Auto Week, there was apparently some emphasis by Jeep at the Chicago Auto show that the Dodge Nitro is aimed at male buyers, while the Jeep Liberty is geared more towards women (the latter remarks, of course, were implied as not to receive a scorching glance, lawsuit, or the front tire of a Porsche Cayenne). The same division was subtly hinted for the upcoming Patriot and Compass where, according to Wilson, an insider said consumer clinic data showed the two to be “boy car” and “girl car” respectively.

DaimlerChrysler, who manufactures the vehicles, may be forgetting its own history. Case in point: the Dodge LaFemme (pictured). Wilson points out that the minor differences between the sexes are, well, minor. Though sixty-percent of Liberties are purchased by women, marketeers run the risk of offending the other forty with such broad, stereotypes.

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[Source: AutoWeek]

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