The Toronto Star reminds readers that the Studebaker (which some may have thought had vanished into the pages of automotive history, car enthusiasts, and Wikipedia entries), is still trudging forward.

According to the Star, Avanti Motor Corporation (formed shortly after Studebaker closed its doors back in 1966), continues to revive the Studebaker name. Already producing the Avanti car (based on a Studebaker concept that would have competed against the Corvette and Thunderbird), the company has been planning on entering the SUV market with the Studebaker XUV (pictured), a Hummer-esque vehicle to be powered by either a petrol or diesel V10 engine. The company in fact showed their wares a few years ago at the Chicago Auto Show (including unveiling a schoolbus-yellow XUV), only to go underground again.

[Source: The Toronto Star]

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