The Detroit News has posted a chart of the highest and lowest turnover times (time it takes to sell a vehicle off a lot after it arrives) of various vehicles in the last two months. The top three are from Toyota: the newly revamped Lexus IS; the hybrid Prius; and the Scion tC.
The new Buick Lucerne, which Autoblog is currently testing driving, has a turnover of 18 days, ahead of its full-bodied competitors, the Toyota Avalon (20 days) and the Azera, Hyundai’s newest flagship. On the flip side, the Chrysler Crossfire takes over 300 days to sell. (Links are to reviews.)

The Detroit News discusses major factors contributing to sell a vehicle, such as Toyota’s reputation or gas prices, which doubled sales for the Pontiac Vibe and Nissan Sentra compared to last year.

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[Source: Detroit News]

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