Bolloré BlueCar almost ready to roll

We’re still not done with our Geneva Motor Show coverage, as obscure vehicles keep flowing up through the cracks even over a week since the show concluded. We learned about the BlueCar over at GreenCarCongress, which has followed the progress of this electric vehicle since it debuted as a concept at last year’s Geneva show.

This year a running prototype was on display and the company had specs on hand. The BlueCar has a range of 155 miles, a top speed of 78 mph, accelerates to 60 kmh (37 mph) in 6.3 seconds and takes six hours to recharge fully.

Described as a “concept-car designed around a battery”, the Bolloré Group plans to build six more prototypes and construct a production site capable of producing 10,000 battery systems a year. The BlueCar, if produced, would cost around (gulp) $23,800.

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