Formula 1: Raikkonen moving to Ferrari?

The European press is bubbling over with talk that McLaren-Mercedes F1 superstar Kimi Raikkonen has signed a contract to race for Ferrari in 2007. Rumors about Raikkonen's future have run rampant since McLaren announced the signing of world champion Fernando Alonso for 2007, and intensified after Raikkonen was reported to have turned down an offer by McLaren to extend his current contract (which expires at the end of the year).

According to F1 Central, the Finnish sports press is reporting that Raikkonen's Ferrari contract is a done-deal, while tea-leaf reading elsewhere in Europe reports Alonso's former manager as saying "Kimi will not be Fernando's teammate next year, that's absolutely for sure." An unnamed Ferrari engineer has also told a German paper that Raikkonen was coming to Ferrari, saying "...we do not want to make the mistake that McLaren made [with Alonso] of announcing it too early."

All that we know for sure is that Raikkonen does not yet have a 2007 contract with McLaren, while neither Michael Schumacher nor Felipe Massa are confirmed at Ferrari in 2007.

Never a dull moment...

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