Geneva Motor Show: Toyota goes loopy with Aygo For Sports

While we're just getting used to the idea of the cheap n' cheerful Yaris subcompact Stateside, in other markets, Toyota has an even less expensive offering for sale, the Aygo.

Building on the discount front wheel driver, the quizzically-named Aygo For Sports looks like a cheeky Japanese take on what a lovechild spawned from the loins of a Citroen 2CV and a Meyers Manx might look like. The roofless concept relies on structural side arches that remind of Citroen's Pluriel, and it does away with the standard Aygo's rear seats in favor of teak flooring.

Word is that the drivetrain is bog-stock, meaning that either incorporates Toy's 1.0L VVTi or 1.4L engines, either of which points to a bit of a chore given the concept's 17" wheels (stock fitments are 13"-14").

Still, looks like a harmless bit of fun.

[Sources: Top Gear and Toyota UK]

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