The Ram has been absent from the chassis cab market for the last five years, but it’s coming back with a vengeance to capture some of the 90-percent marketshare that's currently owned by Ford and GM.

The new commercial Ram truck is a 3500 series chassic cab aimed at the Class 3 market. Upfitting, or equipping the truck with various box replacements like a dump, flat bed, or utility box, is very important to commercial customers shopping in this segment, and Dodge has designed this Ram to be upfitter friendly by spacing the frame rails the requisite 34 inches apart and making the tops of the frame rails flat. The fuel filler hose has also been routed through the frame rail to stay out of the way.

It will come with a 6.7L Cummins high-output turbo diesel that develops 610 ft-lbs. of foundation-shaking torque. The fuel tank has been enlarged to 52 gallons, just enough to completely wipe out the company’s petty cash fund in one fill up.  Dodge also made sure its new commercial truck had the segment’s best Gross Vehicle Weight Rating at 10,200 lbs.

As parent company DCX is the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in the world, it’s nice to see Dodge ride that wave and step its game up against the commercial offerings from Ford and GM.

[Source: Dodge]

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