Mercedes Benz GL on sale in Europe

Our friends over at eMercedesBenz noticed that the Mercedes Benz GL class has officially gone on sale in Europe, which gives our European brethren a chance to partake in a slice of the “American mega-SUV pie”.
The GL class will top out with the GL 500 that goes for €74,050 before taxes ($87,986 US), but we’re guessing most Europeans will pass on the petrol and go for either the GL 320 CDI and GL 420 CDI.

The 320 CDI boasts DaimlerChrysler’s new BlueTec V6 that generates 220 hp and 376 ft-lbs. of torque while sipping diesel at the rate of about 24 mpg. Back here at home we’re still waiting to find out whether GM’s Tahoe Hybrid can top that, but until then the MB GL 320 CDI will be the big ute to beat when it comes to fuel efficiency.

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