Koenigsegg CCX won't challenge Bugatti Veyron

More official info has been made available about the Koenigsegg CCX that will debut in Geneva, and it’s now clear that the CCX won’t have the cajones to challenge the Bugatti Veyron for the top-speed title.

The CCX will not come with the erroneously reported 900bhp we mentioned earlier, but will rather sport the same specs as the CCR: 806bhp from a twin-supercharged V8. This means that its performance numbers will also remain the same as the CCR’s with a blast to 62 mph taking 3.2 seconds and the party ending around 245 mph, which is well short of the Veyron’s best run of 252.9 mph.

David Naylor has pics of the car's official brochure on his blog, and he points out that the CCX does sport significant changes that make it more U.S. friendly, including 50mm more headroom (most likely to increase helmet clearance) and an increase in length of 88mm to aid in US rear crash regulations. The engine has also been retuned to favor the U.S. flavor of 91 octane.

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