Bott's dots-- hidden highway killers?

According to an investigation by a Cleveland, Ohio television news program, aging Bott's dots are being kicked up by motorists and flung at trailing cars, with disastrous results. As many of the steel reflectors weigh-in at a frightening 5-pounds, the potential for harm appears obvious.

According to an 85-page report published by the Ohio Department of Transportation, there are hundreds of reports of reflectors flying through the air like so much shrapnel, cutting tires, crashing through windshields, etc. In Ohio alone, records point to some 68 cases over the last three years. The story goes on to mention head cuts, nearly lost eyes, and even death as the result of the road reflectors.

Suburban Chicago appears to offer a better alternative, using 4-ounce plastic units, which are presently undergoing testing for use in Ohio. Annual statewide surveys of each and every reflector are planned.

What's the situation like in your neck of the woods?

[Source: WEWS NewsNet5]

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