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Yo Quiero Research Integrity: Kelley Blue Book partners with Taco Bell to talk residuals

Here's an odd one of dubious merit: Kelley Blue Book's marketing research division has partnered with Taco Bell under the guise of studying the effects of in-car eating on vehicle residuals. Yes, that probably bears re-reading.

The car valuation guide experts have teamed up with fast food's Gordita gurus on the thinnest wisp of a study-- to determine the depreciation costs that sloppy 'dashboard dining' has on a vehicle's resale value.

Their findings? According to a KBB official, "Our research highlights a huge misperception among consumers: that the interior condition of a car has less importance than the exterior in terms of residual value." Fair enough. But the fact that the press release then goes on to praise "Innovative companies like Taco Bell" for "...creating solutions for diners on the go with mess-free products like the Crunchwrap Supremeā„¢" sort of takes the intellectual sheen off this one, doesn't it?

Besides, crediting Taco Bell with creating "mess-free products" is a remarkable example of selective retention. After all, there's nothing tidy about a Chalupa, kids. Not before, not during, and certainly not after.

(Thanks to Nick @ Slashfood for the tip)


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