GM hopes price is right for Chevy's 2007 Suburban

Chevy used the Cleveland International Auto Show as the venue to announce how much drain a 2007 Chevy Suburban will put on the family budget, and from our seats, it ain’t all that bad. Here’s how the '07 'Burb breaks down in price.

LS 5.3L: $36,990 (Note: $2,550 less than 2006 LS)
LT 5.3L: $37,740
LTZ 5.3L: $45,655

LS 4WD: $39,790
LT 4WD: $40,540
LTZ 4WD: $48,455

LS 6.0L ¾-ton: $38,165
LT 6.0L ¾-ton: $38,915

LS 6.0L ¾-ton 4WD:     $40,695
LT 6.0L ¾-ton 4WD: $41,715

[Source: GM via Autochannel]

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