Citroen C-Triomphe headed for China

China loves its sedans. The exploding market favors the three-box shape to the tune of 80-percent market share, so it isn't surprising that Citroen has grafted a trunk to its C4 in order to curry favor.

As seen here, the C-Triomphe is a lengthened C4 with the wheelbase extended, lending the car a much more formal look than the dynamic coupe and five-door bodystyles already in circulation. Production commences this summer at the automaker's local plant in Wuhan, built in 1997.

Citroen enjoyed sales of 100,000 units in China last year, a 34-percent increase. But the upside to China is startling-- in 2001, all of China purchased 717,000 cars. In 2005? 3,300,0000-- so needless to say, the French carmaker can't graft those boots on fast enough.

[Source: AutoCar]

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