Japanoid: where to buy the bottom rung of Gran Turismo 4

The digital overlords of the Gran Turismo 4 universe provide you with a measly 5,000 credits to start building your garage. That’s about enough virtual yen to pick up a Kei car (not that K-car).

A Kei car is a Japanese ultra-sub super little compact that measures less than 11.15 feet long and 4.85 feet wide. Those dimensions would fit comfortably within the shadow of a MINI Cooper. The engine of a Kei must be smaller than 660cc and generate no more than 64 traffic-impeding horsepower.

Fortunately we no longer have to confine our Kei lust to Gran Turismo, as Japanoid, a Vancouver, BC-based importer, offers all types of Keis under the Rising Sun. The Honda Beat, Suzuki Cappuccino, Mazda AZ-1 and Nissan Figaro are our favorites.

The importation of these cars in Canada is legal as long as the vehicles are 15 years or older. A quick glance at the mileage, however, reveals that the Japanese don’t cruise main street looking for kicks as much as we do, which means most are in excellent condition.

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