V6-powered Nissan Sentra--insane engine swap

If it weren’t for those people with a lot of free time on their hands we wouldn’t get to marvel at such a mechanical masterpiece as this––a B15 Sentra (current gen.) with a VQ35DE engine. The VQ engine used for this project is the same venerable six-cylinder found in the Altima, Maxima, 350Z, G35… you get the picture. The VQ makes those cars fast, but it makes this car ridiculously fast. Try passing the traps in 12.9 seconds at 105 mph in a FWD pocket rocket normally restricted to 15.7 seconds at 88 mph.

Credit for the engine swap goes to a member of the SR20 Forum by the name of unlucky who eventually plans to offer his swap as a kit for not only the B15 Sentra, but the B13 (1991-1994) and B14 (1995-1999), as well. He’s looking for a donor car on which to prototype those kits, so if you’re insane and have $4,500 to donate to the project, you’ll end up with a Sentra whose front wheels turn to the tune of 250 wheel-horsepower. That's as crazy a combination as the 300-hp, FWD Caliber SRT-4.

[Thanks Dave for the tip!]

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