Japan business daily Nihon Keizai is reporting that Honda is readying plans for a Fit hybrid global launch as early as April of next year. According to the paper, the automaker has designs on producing the dual-power subcompact for around $12,000.

A company spokesman wouldn't confirm the report, but did mention that Honda has the capacity to put its hybrid drivetrain in most any model it makes, and the company's CEO, Takeo Fukui has gone on record as saying that the surcharge for hybrid technology will need to fall below 200,000 yen (around $1,680 USD) before it goes supernova in the marketplace.

The Nihon Keizai goes on to suggest that Honda will pair their next-generation hybrid technology with a 1.0L, which should enable Honda to reach Fukui-san's goal.

[Source: Reuters]

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