GM's new 'value pricing' not always a good deal

Well, it's been a little over a month since GM introduced its 'value pricing' strategy - replacing some of its complex buyer incentives with a lower manufacturer's suggested retail price - in an effort to bring retail prices closer to actual transaction prices. That's enough time for Consumer Reports to take a look at whether or not the reduced MSRPs are a good deal for car buyers. The answer? It depends.
After factoring in sales incentives, holdbacks and rebates, Consumer Reports found that the new, lower MSRPs resulted in a better buy for 64 percent of GM's models, when compared to last fall's deals for the same vehicle. For the rest, today's deal is worse.

The best deals compared to last fall? Big SUVs and full-size trucks from GMC and Chevrolet (No doubt to help move 2006 models before the redesigned 2007s hit showrooms.) The worst? The 2006 Cadillac DTS. Check Consumer Reports website for full details and lists of the 10 best and worst deals.

[via Detroit News]

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