Jim Mateja of the Chicago Tribune spoke with Jim Press, president and COO of Toyota Motor Sales, during the recent Chicago Auto Show. Mateja asked if Toyota was feeling a bit of glee over Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Corp.’s current difficulties.

"Absolutely not," according to Press. "Our feeling is, `There, but for the grace of God, go us.'"

Press continued, reminding Mateja of the Big Two’s iconic status in the U.S. and that Toyota had hope and confidence the companies would rebound from their troubles. He did add, though, that the remaining domestic companies resolutions would affect Toyota’s market share.

Mateja’s own view peppered the article. Our view happens to be that Toyota's the smartest guy in the room right now, and regardless of whether the Big Two go bust or not, the Japanese juggernaut will find a way to gain from it.

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